Catacombs of the Undercity

Under the church of Pharasma in the lowest level of the Undercity still traveled by the Regiment Guard, there are the Catacombs. Still used for burials for those that are native to the city, they have long since lost their original names. Originally there were three major networks that were devoted to the burial of various religious backgrounds, but after years of filling and the steady rise of the city, they have become entwined and joined. Regions that have been claimed for use by the Catacombs have been walled off, and many of the passageways are abandoned residential or commercial regions.

Upper Regions

The Upper Regions have been redone during the take-over of the devotees of Pharasma, and many of the crypts have been reworked with fresh stone and cleaned of debris. They are often well lit, and many families have specific family shrines for respect and burial of their loved ones. One of the most important regions in the upper crypts is the Lonely Place, a region where those with no family or money can be buried. Many priests of Milani are known to choose to be buried here in order to be with those that have required their service during life.

Far Reaches

The Far Reaches is the border of the Upper Region with the Deep Crypt. These contain the shrines of some of the oldest and most important families in Barrowald, but also contain some dead houses: those without heirs to carry on the family name. These are not patrolled by the priests of Pharasma, but often upkept by hired crypt keepers of a particular family. There have been cases where a family has walled off the family crypt of a rival family when their heirs have died off in an attempt to remove them from the history of the city. These struggles are often ignored by the Priests, as they have much more important problems to deal with.

The Deep Crypts

The Deep Crypts are such a problem. The Deep Crypts are why family crypt keepers often have armed body guards as escort. They are the reason why some old families have emptied their ancestral crypts to move to the Upper Regions. They are the primary reason why any structure used for the crypts is sealed off from the rest of the Undercity. The Deep Crypts are infected with a stable population of lesser undead, and even when purged almost completely, as has been done on twelve occasions, they still seem to return unheeded. There are whispers that the Deep Crypts are cursed by Urgathoa herself.

Catacombs of the Undercity

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