Bakers of Barrowald

The Bakers of Barrowald are often known as one of the most insidious black market traders of spices and medicinals from <<<>>> to <<<>>> currently in operation. They are unscrupulous in their business practices and are also known to produce the best baked goods in the Bruken Islands. They are a loosely affiliated guild, with regular membership taxes and other regulatory systems. Their members are held in accord with a small council of senior members that keep profits high and radical elements from interfering with the flow of products.

The Goodfellows

The Goodfellows are a group that tends to get the most attention from normal citizens. They are the major importers and exporters of spices through Barrowald. A majority of their spice trade is completely legitimate, and what things that are not legal are not usually opened within the walled city. They produce a large amount of sweet breads, donuts, and pastries. Their use of cinnamon in their more base fare, unusual because of cost but possible because of the high bulk of their trade, is a common mark of their bakeries.

The Prairie Flour Bakers

The Prairie Flour Bakers tend to focus on specific items, and take requests to specifically import. While not as lucrative as the Goodfellows because of their low turn over, they have very high profit because of the markup for the acquisition of said materials. Unlike the Blanc Crux, they are not inherently dangerous but it is highly advised not to try to interfere with their business model. They produce wheat breads, bagels, and other common rolls. Their crusts are marked with a circle and dash, and are sprinkled with crushed anise seed.

The Blanc Crux

The Blanc Crux are the smallest of the bakeries, but the most numerous. They deal almost exclusively in medicinals, and are found in the lower, less regulated levels of Barrowald. Blood salves, tonics, and pain killers are sold under the table along with their meat pies. They often sell their legal fare in bandages, which can be reused to bind wounds, though they are pre-soaked in grease from the pies which often require more medicine to treat. Though their illegal wares are cheap, those that find themselves unable to pay for them (often the case of their more addictive supplies) tend to go missing after a while. They are notorious for their meat pies and savory pastries, which are only really consumed by the residents of the lower level slums. It is not yet known where they import the meat for such endeavors, though rat and other vermin are often joked about.

Bakers of Barrowald

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